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Leesa FormulaThe Group is primarily conducting health and wellness business activities carrying in-house brands line of herbal and nutritional remedies, products, and spa and hospitality services, and supporting activities. The Group's Founders and Management believe that the future of medicine lies in integrated medicine, more specifically amongst that, in herbal remedies and therapies. Presently, only a minute part of the wonders of natural medicine is known to mankind. When we can truly understand the kind of remedies that nature can provide us with, we will be able to get cures for most of the diseases, considered to be incurable today, if not all.

The Group is 100% owned and controlled by its three Bumiputra Shareholders/Directors.


Miss Mona Din's last position was as the general manager of advertising of the country's largest publishing house, serving the company dedicatedly for 14 years before setting up the Group in 2003. During her tenure, she has helped many bumiputra companies to grow big by giving effective sales, marketing and advertising advises.

Miss Mona Din received her scroll in Public Administration from MARA institute of Technology Shah Alam.

With the combination of 34 years of experience in marketing, advertising and sales promotion, both Encik Zulkefli and Puan Mona have an unsurpassed knowledge in ensuring proper channels and media are used to market the Group's services & products.


Prior to setting up the Group, Mr Zulkefli was attached to various local major newspapers and publishing houses such as Kumpulan Karangkraf (as an assistant editor), Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd (reporter for business and entertainment desks). After 10 years in the industry, Mr Zulkefli moved into ASTRO for seven years, where he was exposed extensively in developing and distributing television programs for the company's RIA Channel. His wide exposure in the print and TV media industries helps the Group in its direction and marketing aspects.

Mr Zulkefli holds a Degree in Mass Communication (Journalism) from MARA institute of Technology Shah Alam.

Serenity Spa
Serenity Spa is a great getaway sanctuary for customers to regenerate, relax, rejuvenate and rebalance their entire being from stress of the hustle and bustle of city life.
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